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Catalogue » Semi-grace. Bustier.

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Catalogue «Semi-grace. Bustier.» Size table of bras

The bras are elongated. Semi-grace. Bustier. Size table of bras

Бюстгальтер удлиненный  цвета рубин, с передней застежкой  4838 Kudreshov
Бюстгальтер удлиненный белый 5624O Kudreshov
Удлиненный бежевый бюстгальтер 5624K Kudreshov
Удлиненный синий бюстгальтер 5624E Kudreshov
Удлиненный бюстгальтер после мастэктомии розовый 5861OR Kudreshov

In this section, elongated bras without wires are presented. All models have a fastener on the back with 4-5 hooks. Our models hold the chest well thanks to the wide band that hugs the body tightly.

You can get a full consultation about our plus size bras by contacting our employee in the office by phone and buy them. With our bra for large breasts you will feel real comfort.