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Catalogue » Soft bras after mastectomy

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Catalogue «Soft bras after mastectomy» Size table of bras

Soft bras after mastectomy Size table of bras

Бюстгальтер после мастэктомии с плотной чашкой, пыльная роза  5206K Kudreshov
Бюстгальтер после мастэктомии, белый 5643 ORC Kudreshov
Бюстгальтер после мастэктомии, черный 5216 ORA Kudreshov
Бюстгальтер после мастэктомии  с передней застежкой 9395 ORB Kudreshov
Бюстгальтер после мастэктомии с плотной чашкой бежевый 5126 ORC Kudreshov

This section presents bras with pockets for prostheses for women who underwent surgery for mastectomy (removal of the breast according to medical indications).

All our bras have pockets on both sides. All models are made especially without a rigid skeleton - the so-called "bones".

In our store you can choose clothes for every taste: there are beautiful lace bras for women who have had surgery for a long time. For this, there are elegant models, completely repeating externally standard clothes.


Also there are special models, sewn only from cotton and having wide straps.

The elongated model of the orthopedic bra is sewn at the factory specially by our order according to the numerous requests of customers who need a reinforced sideline of linen. In the fall of 2018, a model with a front buckle will appear.

Pockets for prostheses can be made from cotton knitwear or from linen cloth (polyester). All information is in the description of a particular bra.

You can get a full consultation about our bra after mastectomy when calling to our office and after the consultation to place an order.

We have been manufacturing such products for many years and we know exactly what a comfortable bra should be after the operation.