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All products of the Lithuanian production factory "Kudreshov" is from our warehouse in Moscow and shipped immediately after approval of the nomenclature of your order form and payment.

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Payment and Delivery.

If you have typed a basket of goods and have received from us confirmation of the availability of the items you have chosen in the warehouse, then you have several options for payment and receipt of...

Обмен и возврат товаров

В части обмена и возврата товаров ООО «ЛИТТО» руководствуется законодательством Российской Федерации об общих правилах, регулирующих деятельность торговли, регламентированных ст. 25...

Order of dolls Tilde

On our site you see images of dolls the Tilde of production of our company to Boama. These are an individual handiwork.

On production of each doll at masters not less than 3 days leave.

If you...