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Ladies and gentlemen!

On behalf of the Lithuanian company UAB "BOAME" and factories specialized underwear UAB "KUDRESHOV" , we welcome you to our online store.

Our online store is the exclusive provider of specialized lingerie factory c "KUDRESHOV" (Lithuania, Kaunas) on the territory of the Russian Federation.

We all remember the superior quality and elegant models Baltic production during the Soviet era. It was a scarce and sought-after commodity, featuring superb quality and low price.

Today, producing many kinds of lingerie, which is divided into two broad categories: one cheap and not the best quality, more beautiful and convenient production of well-known brands with a high price. Any buyer wants to have the best quality / price ratio on the acquisition of goods. It is lingerie we offer you.

In our shop you can buy goods small wholesale or retail , including products of large dimensions.

Currently we deliver products with a factory for the production of lingerie "Kudreshov", located in the Republic of Lithuania, the city of Kaunas.

Lingerie factory Kudreshov comes mainly in Germany, France and Finland. Many models (eg bras) are sewn for this market for many years virtually unchanged. It is known that in Russia is very popular bright clothes, models and push-up balconette, heaving bosoms. But many women with great pleasure dressed comfortable and soft bra, which can move freely. And even if you dress for work raises the breast bra at home want to rest throughout the body, including the chest, but it needs to have a comfortable home linen pitted.

If you are the owner of magnificent forms, then surely appreciate comfortable and beautiful bras, which are difficult to find in the store. Try our products and you will see - this is what you need! The collection is for you the goods of large dimensions . Factory engineers specially constructed bras for you that you will feel great throughout the day.

In our online store you can also purchase a corrective underwear - body, panties, panties Waist to help you hide figure flaws possible.

Separately want to mention our and postoperative orthopedic underwear . This underwear is made in a factory Kudreshov (Lithuania, Kaunas) over 20 years. The factory is the official supplier of the Ministry of Health of Lithuania. Postoperative orthopedic underwear and this manufacturer sold all the leading directories of Western Europe and first introduced on the market. Anywhere except in our online store, you can not buy this cheap compared to Western ones, but very high quality products.

We hope you like our products, its quality and, importantly, price.

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Below are the declaration of origin issued by the certification bodies of the Russian Federation.

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