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The secret of the popularity of Tilda dolls

Things done by hand, now at the peak of popularity. People like everything unique, original, and they especially appreciate the warmth and positive energy that masters invest in their products. Especially high demand for tild dolls, because these toys - a sample of originality and sophistication.

Such products have many characteristic differences, by which they can be recognized immediately. These are the following features:

- simple, soft forms, smooth lines;

unusual proportions;

- complex outfits and accessories, giving the products a special "character";

- for dolls - a light blush on the cheeks;

- eye-beads, while the beast also has miniature noses.

After looking through the tilde toy catalog in the online store, you will immediately notice these distinctive features. Such an original and elegant design could not leave people indifferent. Tildes immediately won the hearts of those who love everything unusual. In addition, having looked at the photos of such products, you will certainly notice that they are not only original, but also adorable and a little funny. These toys perfectly raise the mood. By the way, they are stuffed with soft material, so these products can be used as a kind of cure for stress, which is pleasant to hold in hands and even to embrace. If you need a means to raise your spirits, try to buy a tilde and decorate the interior of your house.

About decorating rooms with such products should be told a little more. Tildes are often used as decoration for the house, among them it is easy to find special items for each room. For example, toys-spljushki perfectly suit for a bedroom and will be especially liked to people who like to luxuriate in bed. Large dolls can even be used as comfortable pillows. This decoration of the interior will be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Another secret of the popularity of tildes is that each of these toys has its own special character. He can easily guess by the expression of a tilde's face, by his costume and accessories. Such products can be funny, businesslike, tender, romantic, cheerful, etc. Choosing a toy as a gift to a loved one, you will certainly be able to find a doll that will remind him of himself.

Toys tilde in many ways symbolic, and understand what they mean, very easy. For example, among them there are many dolls with wings - angels, who are given when they want to wish a person happiness and good luck. Presenting such a gift, it makes a certain sense: "Let your Angel keep you". Another popular toy is the flying Cat-Cupid. This is the real guardian of love: if you give it to your second half, it symbolizes your feelings, and if such a toy is presented to a single person, it becomes a wish to find your happiness.