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Doll Tilda - sew the first time

Tildes are cute little babies from textiles. Dolls for sleeping, as these cuties are called, protect a person from insomnia and stress. How to make such a drowsy miracle for yourself or as a gift to loved ones?

Whom shall we sew?

Toys are of different types: in the form of animals (hare, cat, dog bear), angels and many other sympathizers. When the character is defined, get acquainted ...

... with special signs of tildes:

The dolls are tiny, as if they are closing their eyes from sleep. For the creation of toys, "sony", natural pastel tones or soft yarns (if tied to bind) and natural filler are selected.

Interesting fact:

The first tilde was created by Norwegian Tone Phananger 10 years ago. She liked the world so much that today in any handicraft shop you can buy a set for sewing this doll from scratch - from pattern to thread and other materials.

However, even an inexperienced seamstress and a cutter can create this toy on their own.

For this you need:

1. Pick up a pattern on the Internet, a magazine or create it yourself, following the example of others;

2. stock up the material from natural fabrics with a discreet drawing. To ensure that the edges of the material do not fall off, grease them with diluted gelatin, and let it dry. The edges will not be stiff and shaggy;

3. Prepared details of the trunk, arms, legs, head sweep and stitch on the sewing machine, leaving a gap for stuffing filler;

4. That the legs are beautifully bent, in the place of their fold, small crosses should be sewn. They will look like a knee joint.

5. Connect the filled parts according to the pattern, close the gaps that served as the filling hole, with neat stitches;

6. Sew on the hair. Good hair comes from linen. It is used for plumbing and a tangle can be bought in a construction shop. Before use, flax threads should be washed and rinsed, adding a conditioner for laundry. When the flax dries, it needs to be shaken well, then combed with shea wool. Collect the threads so that beautiful tilde hair turns out. Attach them to the head with glue or sewn with threads. Beautiful hair is also made from old knitted one-color sweaters. Thanks to their threads, the tildes get pretty curls that can be braided and laid in a hairstyle.

7. Clothing for a tilde sew on a pattern of a doll. Traditional clothes for such toys of a female: a blouse, sarafan, trousers. In boys, "Sonn" pantaloons are also an indispensable attribute. Footwear, too, open the template of the legs.

8. Shoes and a handbag for Tilda can be made from old leather gloves. If there are no such people in the house, they can be bought in second-hand. Buy products of daring colors.

9. Dressed in a toy, embroider your eyes with black thread, and chew your cheeks with rouge from your cosmetic bag. The tilde usually has no mouth, but if desired, you can embroider a smiling mouth with red threads. Get a nice, funny doll, "sleepyhead".

10. If you need tiny buttons to complete the image, they can be made from PVA glue and flour if you do not get the right stock from your home. They are painted in the right color with the usual colors used in drawing lessons. The buttons will be ready the next day.

Business on toys

Having got carried away sewing tild, you will please not only yourself and your friends, but eventually you will find an additional source of income, if you wish, by selling these dolls.