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Articles » Surgical and non-surgical correction of the female breast

Tips for the correct choice of corrective linen

There is no woman who does not dream of an ideal figure. Of course, there are lucky ones who were born with an ideal appearance, and they do not even have to make extra efforts for this. But the majority resorts to various tricks, such as diets, grueling workouts and even plastic surgery. But what to do, if it is still far from perfection, but to look "one hundred percent" you need today?

To give your body seductive volumes, smooth curves and the right proportions, you can use corrective underwear. By the way, it is perfect not only for ladies with problem forms, but also for women with slender figures. It is enough only to choose the right linen correctly, so that the silhouette under clothes becomes perfect.

To begin with, it is worthwhile to know that corrective underwear can be of two types: modeling and pulling, as well as different degrees of fixation - light, medium and strong. Modeling underwear is designed to increase volume and give a smooth outline, while pulling, on the contrary, reduces the volume due to the uniform distribution of fatty deposits. At the same time, easy fixation is needed only for weak pulling of the abdomen and thighs, the middle one for the more problematic zones, and the strong includes rigid fixation with a powerful pulling effect for those who have serious problems with the figure.

Whatever clothes the woman chooses to buy for herself, first of all, it is necessary to take into account several nuances. Corrective underwear should be strictly in size and fit tightly around the figure. It should not be free, otherwise the expected effect will not be achieved, but it should not be too dense to feel comfortable in it. Ideally, if such linen is seamless, so that it can be put under any, even the most fitting clothing. In addition, it is desirable that the inner layer of the laundry is made from natural, body-friendly fabrics.

So, for breast correction, there are two kinds of underwear - giving the volume of a small breast and a modeling shape large. In the first case, these are bras with the effect of "push-up". In the second - a dense bra, supporting the shape of the breast, not allowing it to hang.

To reduce the tummy, there are pulling panties and pantaloons. Usually they are used complete with semi-corsets or graces. Tights with a high tight belt also have this effect. But to give the roundness of the buttocks you can pick up panties with the effect of "push-up", which are arranged on the same principle as bras.

For the owners of lush thighs, the pulling pants and overall dresses that give smooth curves for the whole body will be relevant. If you want to make a thinner waist, then for this there are various corsets and graces, which also raise a little chest.

In any case, whatever underwear is used, it is worth remembering that not all models are designed for permanent wearing and it is sometimes necessary to give the body a rest.