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Articles » Non-surgical (folk) methods of breast augmentation

The correct diet for breast augmentation

Recently, on the Internet, you can often find records about the wonderful ways of instant breast augmentation. These are ointments, pills, various traditional medicine and many others. But are they safe for your body and will not it undermine your health?

The most proven way to achieve the desired effect on breast enlargement are products containing phytoestrogens.

So, to give the breast volume and elasticity, as well as stimulate tissue growth, you need to balance your diet and eat foods containing estrogen. Consider a list of foods in which this hormone is contained in large quantities.


One of the most useful products for a woman's breast is soy. You can see this very simply yourself, drawing attention to the composition of various dietary supplements that promote breast growth - in all soybeans is the main component. This product is very rich in proteins. As is known, proteins are binding compounds when restoring worn tissue cells, thus allowing the breasts to remain beautiful and elastic for longer. You can consume soya in the form of sprouts, milk, cheese or freeze-dried foods.


Avocado is an exotic product that is a source of useful monounsaturated fats. The body needs them, especially for a good metabolism, but in a small amount. In excess, fats are harmful. For breast growth, the avocado should be eaten three times a week, alternating with the use of nuts (10-15 nuts of any kind: hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds or others). Try to choose a mature and unspoiled avocado, otherwise the taste of the fruit will not be very pleasant. When choosing, pay attention to the presence of black spots or decay. Really, the ripe fruit should be firm, and when pressed lightly press in and do not return the shape.