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Articles » Breast augmentation surgically

What you need to know about breast plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is widespread and not at all intimidating in our time. Particularly popular are breast augmentation operations, while the requirements of patients to the aesthetic side are very peculiar. Of course, the main reason for contacting a plastic surgeon is the desire to enlarge the breast, but not all patients want to see the end result natural and natural, this aspect is far from being paramount. When choosing the size of the implant pay attention only to the desired size is not worth it, you need to take into account the size of the breast, the structure of soft tissues and its thickness, congenital breast shape. The doctor can also take into account the client's wishes for size, but with limitations. At present, the common implant is silicone with various fillings: saline or silicone gel. But the choice of the round or anatomical shape depends, mainly, on the wishes of the patient. To date, choosing a suitable implant is simple enough and fast, the patients listen to the opinion and experience of surgeons.

If the operation is carried out correctly, everything was successful, then it will not bring harm, and the implant does not require replacement if the patient is satisfied with everything. Repeated operation is performed only if a thickening appeared on the capsule formed around the implant. But this is not connected with the danger to health. The breast becomes much denser and looks absolutely unnatural. By agreeing to an operation, the patient should be aware of this and be prepared for re-intervention, since the outcome of the plasty of the breast often leads to a tightening of the capsule.

In the struggle for natural beauty a couple of years ago, the media spread the view that breast plastic leads to breast cancer, but doctors did not come to a consensus whether implantation affects the development of the disease. However, preparing for the operation, it is necessary to visit a mammologist and conduct a survey. Also, among women preparing for surgery, there is a myth that an implant can burst in the chest, but in fact this is an extremely rare phenomenon, all implants are designed for significant loads, the rupture can occur only in special traumatic cases: car accidents, wounds, falls from height .

In general, for patients who have made plastic breasts, there are no serious limitations in life, do not exclude the sauna, swimming pool, sunbathing and sports. As soon as a definite postoperative period passes, mainly a month, the patient can safely proceed to her usual life.

The question of breastfeeding after the operation is still open, on the one hand, the mammary glands work normally with the prosthesis, on the other hand, lactation can change the aesthetics of the breast and lead to a thickening of the capsule around the implant. It is worthwhile, performs surgery after breastfeeding, but if a woman decided to have a child after an operation, then implants should not be removed, but it is necessary to consult a plastic surgeon.

The age for the possibility of surgery is formally commenced at the age of 18, but doctors accept patients from the age of 20 when the formation of the mammary glands has taken place completely.

In general, breast augmentation surgery does not harm if it is performed competently and qualitatively, the patient has gone through all necessary pre-operative consultations and trusted the experienced doctor's opinion when choosing an implant.