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Articles » Breast augmentation surgically

How much does an operation for breast augmentation abroad cost?

This issue worries many people who need the services of a professional plastic surgeon. Unfortunately, foreign clinics place information about their services in the language of the state in which they are located, which makes it impossible to get acquainted with this information.

The cost of such a medical service as a plastic surgery can be formed under the influence of various factors in order to evaluate them, it is also necessary to understand what exactly this or that clinic offers. In order to allow potential clients of plastic surgeons to understand how much money they will have to shell out, this article contains information on the average cost of various services of plastic surgeons from different countries.

In Argentina, to change the shape of the nose is 1900 - 2600 US dollars, to increase the breast - from 2 to 4 thousand, the correction of the eyelids will cost the client about $ 1700. In Israel, similar services will cost 53, 4,900 and 3,000 dollars, respectively. The patient who wants to receive the same services in the Czech Republic, rhinoplasty will cost $ 2,700, breast augmentation - $ 3500. and eyelid correction - 1800 dollars.

Studying the statistics, you can see that the most expensive services of plastic surgeons are in Germany, Israel and England. The most budgetary services can be obtained in such states as Tunisia, India and Bolivia. The difference, as a rule, is very significant, however, it is not worthwhile to rely on only one cost of this or that operation. It is important to remember about such moments as the rehabilitation period, the quality of service, the level of professionalism of surgeons and even the level of crime in a particular country. It is unlikely that a person who has just made rhinoplasty is burning with the desire to get into the hands of local criminals and worse, to suffer from them.