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Articles » Diseases of the breast, treatment and symptoms

Is it always necessary to remove the breast?

few years ago the world flew news - the first beauty, model and actress Angelina Jolie resorted to mastectomy because of the high risk of developing cancer. Genetics found that Angelina is the carrier of the hereditary BRCA1 virus, which often develops breast cancer.

The question arises: was this justified and is it always inevitable in such cases?

In the middle of the 80s of the last century the hereditary predisposition to the disease was proved. This fact provoked panic in America and a real epidemic of mastectomies. Sometimes absolutely healthy women insisted on carrying out the operation.

Nowadays the disease is more studied, therefore the operation is carried out only on special indicators.

Even if the risk of the disease is high, this does not mean that you can get sick. Breast cancer never develops instantly, much less reaches the last stage in a short time.

If to exclude provoking factors (reception of hormonal preparations, action of an ultraviolet, smoking) and is regularly surveyed, the probability of falling ill considerably decreases and the woman does not fall ill.

Required examinations

Every woman, even if she does not have anything to worry about, must go through the examination. Make ultrasound of the mammary glands or mammography, as well as pass blood tests for prolactin.

Self-examination of the breasts should be done regularly, every time after menstruation.

For any, including minor signs of discomfort (separation from the nipples, sensation of tension, pain), consultation of the mammologist and a more thorough examination are necessary.

Risk group

In the risk group, those who have or have breast cancer along the female line. In these cases, the probability of developing the disease in women rises several times. In modern laboratories it is possible to make a genetic study to identify possible risks. This will allow you to fully control the situation and prevent the development of oncology.

Each woman herself must make the final decision and each has a choice - to make a mastectomy for the purpose of prevention or to save her breast without resorting to surgery.