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Straipsniai » Ne chirurginiai (liaudies) krūtų padidinimo metodai

Some methods of non-surgical breast augmentation

The phrase "enlarge breasts" remains in memory and may interest almost all women. Beautiful breasts give self-confidence, girls feel welcome and attractive. Lush decollete attracts men's views, and men in general. But even the most resilient breasts eventually acquire a completely non-seductive form. After giving birth and breastfeeding, many women are not happy with their bust. Because of this, there is constriction, irritation. Women experience discomfort if the partner touches or looks at the chest. As a result, the intimate life between partners may disappear. Therefore, women are looking for different ways to increase their breasts or make it more elastic and attractive.

Fairy tales

There are several folk remedies that promise to increase the volume of the female bust. Among them, of course, cabbage! In fact, no effect this vegetable will not bring you, unless you just shove the cabbage leaves into your bra. So all this is the tales of grandmothers! Cabbage, of course, is useful, but not for the breast.

Another myth: if there is a raw dough, then the mammary glands will grow like yeast. He, too, has no confirmation. Do not worry, the result will not be exactly.

Another crazy idea arose in women: if you put mustard in the chest, then, of course, something will appear. Of course it will! Many burns - and nothing else! Do not torture yourself with rather questionable methods.

Someone has thought up that a liter of beer a day will help grow bumps in women. This is generally worth forgetting. Because of beer, the belly may grow, rather than the breast, and besides, alcohol is not a very useful drink for a woman.


An effective method, which was used by many, is an infusion of cones of hops. It is prepared as follows: one tablespoon of dry cones pour a glass of boiling water and insist a couple of hours. Then you drink three times a day for half a cup before meals. This infusion really helps to improve the shape of the breast. Try it!

Increase bust with a vacuum

This is such a procedure, in which the mammary gland is placed in a specific container, the pump is turned on, and thus a vacuum is created. Manufacturers of such equipment promise a fairly effective and rapid breast enlargement. And many women, wishing to return beauty, without hesitation, give money for such procedures. Unfortunately, the vacuum can bring only a pleasant sensation. In addition, many believe that this way you can stretch the skin of the breast. And this will only exacerbate the situation.

Creams and gels to increase the bust

Strangely enough, but the cream really can help to make more magnificent your decollete. For example, a special gel from Avon helped not one woman to make the breast elastic and achieve an increase of almost one size. Many tools, such as Quick Bust capsules, contain substances similar to female hormones, so they can achieve a good result, but if you have the first size, the third breast will not grow exactly. In addition, if you stop using these tools, your bust will return to its original size.

Preparations containing hormones

Hormonal preparations can not only be smeared on the chest, but also taken internally. And this, at first glance, will help. But prolonged exposure to hormones can lead to negative consequences. And the set of body weight - it's just flowers. By changing the hormonal background, you can affect the ability to have children. Therefore, do not take risks and independently conduct such experiments on yourself.

Affirmations - what is it?

Affirmations are almost the same as autosuggestion. You must model your future breast in your subconscious. And it is necessary to engage in such meditations every day. Imagine how your bust grows, and how you wear dresses with a deep neckline.

There are a lot of ads on the Internet for such a plan: "Your breasts will grow to a third size if you follow our instructions." And then it is offered to buy these instructions and follow them. Whether it's up to you to spend time and money on it is up to you. The power of thought and self-hypnosis is great. And suddenly it really helps!

Exercises for breast augmentation

The best and safe way for women to make a bust beautiful and elastic is physical exercise. The load on the muscles of the chest will make your posture beautiful, and the chest will also acquire a beautiful outline. The simplest and most effective exercises will be push-ups from the floor, training with dumbbells. It helps very well if you squeeze hands in front of you with all your strength. Also special courses of exercises are developed, which can be found on the Internet without problems.

What method to use is up to you. Do not be lazy and do physical exercises, try creams and gels, brew tincture and meditate. The main thing is not to hurt your health. Perhaps not all the tools will help you, but do not despair. Accumulate for surgery or love your breasts as they are!