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How to recognize silicone breasts?

Now girls with a small breast size so often resort to the use of silicone, which makes it harder for men to find themselves a "natural" maid. It becomes clear that with the constant demand for silicone implants, both the supply and its quality increase. And if earlier there was an opinion (yes, at that time, in fact, it was true), that the silicone is easy to distinguish, just by touching the chest (unnatural breasts should seem more dense), but now it is already far in the past. Doctors are improving, and to distinguish fake and genuine femininity is becoming more difficult.

First of all look at the form. In a girl with implants, the breast will not be the usual shape of a drop or pear, but more round. Also, the distance between the glands is much smaller, because it gives the chest an even greater sexuality, therefore, when inserting implants, surgeons can not bypass such a step. In case of a substandard operation, the chest may be even higher than it should be. In the underwear with paralon it will not be so noticeable, but here the girl on the beach in a bikini will immediately give out her "naturalness".

Interesting and, perhaps, the most well-known factor is disproportionate. Whatever the female spokespeople say, a lean girl's breast simply can not be of the 3rd size. So if before you a busty beauty with a very thin figure, most likely it's all composed of silicone.

Nipples that are not in the right places will also help expose the deceivers. Of course, we should not deny the fact that such a defect can be congenital. However, most often incorrectly located nipples - a sign of poor-quality operation for breast augmentation. Often, due to the fact that the breast is pulled upward during implantation, the nipples are slightly higher than necessary. This factor can be seen only if you look at the girl topless, which can not be done right away. Fortunately, this factor is far from the only one.

Sometimes representatives of the fair sex give away the sound of their breasts. Yes, in some cases (again due to a substandard operation), a peculiar layer of air is left in the chest, because of which this squelching is heard. It is very quiet, so you need to listen only in complete silence. By the way, squelching is a very rare factor, because this is a consequence of the old method of breast augmentation, which is rarely used where. But still, take a note on the note.

The presence of scars may not always be the right factor for us. They just might not be. Surgery really goes higher and higher, so that the scars under the armpits are so invisible that you can only find them with a magnifying glass. But is it worth trying? Suddenly you are lucky? And there are different surgeons, whether it is not enough ...

By the way, silicone glands are almost completely immobile. Therefore, it is only for the girl to jump, how all the secret will become apparent. The real breast will move much more energetically.

These were all the most common signs to help you in the future learn how to recognize silicone.