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Competent care of a woman's breast

Women's breasts are a matter of pride, envy and admiration. There is no woman who does not dream of an ideal bust. And by the way, what is she, the perfect breast? It turns out that the distance between the nipples should ideally be about 22 cm on average, and the distance from each nipple to the depression between the clavicles is about 20 cm, the optimal volume is about 300 cm3 (third dimension).

You can perform a simple test: place a ballpoint pen or pencil under your chest. If it immediately falls to the floor, it means that your chest has excellent elasticity. But if it keeps, crushed by the weight of the gland, it means that the chest has already sagged slightly. But it is not necessary to be upset: it will help to restore elasticity to the bust and slightly correct its shape with regular and regular care of the breast.

Breast growth stops in 20 years, and subsequently it is impossible to radically affect its size. There are gels and creams for breast augmentation, you can also apply vacuum massage, but the effect of their use is short, and in the case of applying vacuum, problems with sagging skin are added.

But it is possible to increase the muscular layer, on which the iron is located, and the line of the breast will become steeper. And it is possible to do this with the help of simple exercises.

These can be push-ups from the floor or, if it is difficult, from an inclined surface, various swings by hand, imitation of swimming movements or swimming itself.

Elasticity of the skin on the chest will help restore the contrast shower. It is important only not to overdo it and do not do too much pressure. Wiping with a piece of ice will also help. And if you prepare ice not from pure water, but from green tea or herbal decoctions, then the effectiveness of wiping will intensify.

Another way to improve the look of your own bust is a simple massage, which is carried out by circular or radial movements in the direction from the bottom up. But we must remember that the skin on the chest is very tender, so all movements should be light, the chest before the massage must be treated with a massage cream. After the massage, the nourishing cream is applied. Just do not pull when applying the cream breast down: the movements should be circular, from the bottom of the chest up to the collarbone.

Various toning and nourishing masks will also come to help. You can not look for any special recipes: it is enough to take any composition for dry skin of the face, which has tightening and nourishing properties. It should be remembered that no napkins can be applied to nipples and the nasal region.

All these methods can be used only when the breast is completely healthy, it has no seals or redness. Breastfeeding women should first consult a doctor.

Breast health is also important. The glands may be slightly different in size - it's not scary. But if you notice that one of the breasts began to increase dramatically, change the shape, if you feel hardening when pressing, and the touch causes pain, you should contact the mammologist as soon as possible.