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Bra with the effect of push-UP

Every man with confidence will say that nothing attracts him so much as the lush breasts of a partner. And women, knowing the male attitude towards a lush breast, try to increase it in volumes in various ways.

Medical development does not stand still and is being improved every year in plastic surgery, but the cost of breast augmentation is not affordable for all women. Therefore, an effective and proven way to visually increase your breasts is a push-up bra that perfectly adjusts the shape and size, much more than is given by nature.

Advantage of a bra with a push-up effect

This ideal design struck almost all the ladies on the spot in the 30s of the last century. The advantage of the bra is that it perfectly supports the chest, snugly to the body, and gives the bust the desired volume and shape.

In the sixties the demand for the invention was simply enormous and every fashionista tried to purchase it in her wardrobe.

Now the variants of models are only improved and surprise with their creative execution. Designers and developers of bras with the effect of push-up rank it as the best invention in the fashion industry.

In addition, that the bra in this style visually raises the chest, it is still able to make it magnificent. In the English version, "push-up" is listed as "up and down", so this is the kind of effect that models should expect happy owners.

The whole secret of the uniqueness of the model lies in special pads and metal bones to maintain the bust. Modern models of bras are made from satin or cotton materials. Also there are types of models with silicone inserts and inserts without pits. A two-layer bra works to increase the visual volume of the breast in several sizes.

Modern fashion trends every year expand the line of models and offer consumers their own exclusive options.

How to choose the right and comfortable bra in the style of push-up?

You should know that there is a classification of models that raise the chest to the desired size.

The first kind gracefully raises a breast on one size.

The second type refers to the classical version. In this case, you can change the liners on the bra, depending on the desired size and volume.

The third kind includes models of a bra with inserts. They are gel and silicone.

The fourth species is able to double the breast with foam inserts and double cups.

Now, women's underwear stores give the opportunity to choose models according to their wallet and request. Their price depends on the popularity of the manufacturer and the material provided.

Selecting a bra with a push-up effect in your wardrobe, pay special attention to the quality of the material. For those who suffer from allergic reactions, natural models should be preferred.

Very effectively look at the female breast seamless pattern. They are ideal for outfits with a deep neckline and will be comfortable when worn.