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Rules for choosing a large size bra

Lush breasts have always been considered an adornment of a woman. But, alas, most manufacturers produce only one-type, boring and ugly bras of large sizes, the so-called "babskie" options. In addition, in almost all cases, a large cup implies a very large volume of the product (chest girth), which is not true. After all, not every woman with a large breast has other magnificent forms, there are also thin girls with a large cup size. Here also it is necessary to women of fashion long to search and choose normal linen, and at times and prefer the standard store purchase bra to order. Of course, in this situation, you should pick up a very good master, and also specify all the details and details of the future product, so that it is comfortable and comfortable to wear.

Ordering rules for sewing

If a girl / woman is tired of looking for this kind of underwear all the time, she is tired of trying on unpleasant looking models, then you should ask the master for help. But it is very important to agree with her and correctly describe the desired product, so that later there are no confusions and disappointments, i.e., explain to the seamstress all the important points that need to be taken into account when carrying out a bra to order.

1. Chest circumference.

It's not as simple as it may seem. To try on, you need to take your own underwear, in which the woman feels comfortable enough. At the first stage, the naked body is measured, and then in the brassiere brought with it. In addition, it is important to take into account the presence / absence of the sealant in the cup - foam rubber or additional fabric, in order to "wash off" it when sewing.

2. Girth under the breast.

When ordering a large bra, it is necessary to make a measurement even under the breast. At the same time, the centimeter is tightened sufficiently tightly, snug against the body. This is a very important point, because this part will be the main pressure when you wear the laundry (in addition to straps). And in the finished product, if you consider that the chest is large enough, it is better to make a wide podrudny belt of soft, but elastic fabrics.

3. Shoulder height.

It is highly recommended to make a careful measurement of the shoulder, referring to the distance from its upper point and to the top of the cup. In addition, by making a bra on order, the seamstress should ask where exactly the strap will be placed - strictly in the center of the shoulder or slightly biased to the side (depends on the features of the structure of the client's body). By the way, about the strap - it just has to be wide, because the big breasts should be tightly and securely held by the laundry, while not exerting strong pressure on the body (so as not to squeeze or rub the skin).

4. The model.

As for the model - although the last word remains for the consumer, but still large bras should be as close as possible from both sides, and from above - so that the chest does not bulge and not "fall out" when running. This is especially true for sports models of underwear.

Here it is worth discussing the functionality of the fastener and its location (front, rear). Some ladies prefer to do without a fastener or even an elementary hook, instead choosing solid products.

Finally it is worth mentioning the importance of the presence of pits - a kind of supporting "frame". For girls / women with large breasts, it is best not to avoid this auxiliary element.