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How to choose corrective underwear

The desire to look seductive, having a slim figure, has any woman. Of course, you can do fitness, giving the sport some time a week. But time is always not enough. Diets are able to benefit the body, but can harm. The way out is the underwear that pulls the figure. It will hide flaws, emphasizing the merits of the figure. Will reduce visually fatty deposits, eliminate cellulite. The main thing is to approach the choice of laundry competently.

In a well-chosen underwear, you will feel comfortable. When moving, it will not move on the body. If it is difficult to breathe, the laundry turns over the body, there is a desire to remove it, then it is picked up incorrectly.

Quality pulling underwear light degree of noticeable shape does not change, only a little it smoothes. This effect gives tights that have a high density.

The average degree significantly smoothes the convexity of the figure. A strong degree can tighten the tummy, reduce the waist in volume. Best for fat ladies.

Tightening things are made of natural materials or synthetic high quality. Modern tissues give the skin the ability to breathe, producing its microscopic massage.

A high quality linen is provided with a crotch, made only of cotton fabrics. This gives the inner layer a softness. In linen there can be rubber inserts, which enhance the pulling effect.

Choosing underwear, you should, first of all, look at the modeling corset (grace). Made of hard materials, it raises the chest, reduces the waist.

The properties of the material also have a certain value. A high-quality corset will be made entirely of natural material with inserts from the "bones". Such linen will reduce the size by one.

Young girls need to look at the corset from the half-day. Movement, he does not fetter. You can wear all day.

The pulling panties will give the belly an impeccable plane. They always come seamlessly. They put on any clothes. It is not recommended to buy a smaller size. You can provide discomfort and scrapes of the skin.

Pantaloons and tights. These things start to work from the hip area to the ankle. Because of the presence of the effect of massage, the elasticity and tenderness of the skin is restored. Normal linen does not disturb the blood supply.

T-shirts and tops. Excellent hide the folds of the skin, leaving the body strips. Indispensable for dancing.

Bustier is a kind of bra. It has a curative property. Relieves pain in scoliosis. The breast takes a beautiful shape.

At the same time it is necessary to buy two sets of laundry, if you want to wear it every day. The first one can be worn, and the second one can be sent to the laundry. Washing is allowed both machine and manual. Use of bleaching agents is prohibited. Dry clothes in the air. There is no need to iron things.

In the store, specify for what period of time the sock is designed. The first time to be in the pulling things, preferably no more than 3 hours. The body should get used to it gradually. The size should be observed clearly, because the laundry will take the form of the body.

Having a huge desire to attract the attention of men to an elegant figure, choose corrective underwear competently.