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Breast ptosis

Many women watch their bodies very carefully. But, unfortunately, with age, there can be undesirable and uncontrolled changes in the figure, for example, ptosis of the mammary glands. This phenomenon is a lowering of the breast, a visual loss of the former volume, which is accompanied by a strong stretching of the skin.

Ptosis of the mammary glands is not a disease, but, one way or another, requires treatment. Most often it occurs after 40 years, although in some women this process gradually progresses at an earlier age.

Causes of ptosis of the breast

Usually experts identify such causes of ptosis of the mammary glands:

- the action of the force of attraction;

- a change in the hormonal background due to pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, menopause;

- passive lifestyle;

- a sharp change in body weight;

- age;

- large bust size;

- impaired posture;

- negative impact of the environment;

- frequent use of alcoholic beverages, smoking;

- genetic predisposition;

- weakening of ligaments;

- unsuccessful mammoplasty.

Symptoms of ptosis of the mammary glands

Breast ptosis is characterized primarily by a change in its shape. The skin is stretched, as a result of which the mammary glands are lowered, losing their former elasticity and volume. Normally, this condition is not accompanied by pain, discomfort or other similar symptoms.

An omission of the breast can have a different degree, which the doctors determine by the position of the nipple. For example, when he is at the level of the pectoral fold, diagnose the first degree of ptosis, if lower by a few centimeters, then the 2nd or even the third. Most often, the nipple is directed downwards.

Treatment of ptosis

Nowadays, there are several methods of treating ptosis of the mammary glands, thanks to which it is possible to correct the appearance of the breast. They include:

- lipofilling;

- surgery;

- Use of fillers.

Lipofilling - a procedure during which the fat tissue of the client from other parts of the body (hips, abdomen) moves to the area of ​​the mammary glands. Thanks to this, contours are improved, the volume and shape of the breast increases. Suitable for correction of the 1st degree of ptosis.

Surgical correction is the most effective and popular. This method is often resorted to by women, even with a third degree of ptosis. During the procedure, the surgeon makes a vertical incision below the nipple, removes excess skin, thereby tightening the shape of the breast. There is also a more gentle method, in which the postoperative scar will be around the halo, but this method is effective only at the first degree of ptosis.

The use of fillers for breast correction is safe only when using natural ingredients, for example, hyaluronic acid. The advantage of the method is the absence of scars and in the natural appearance of the breast after the procedure.

Prevention of ptosis of the breast

Prevention of the development of ptosis of the mammary glands is a complex of techniques aimed at improving skin elasticity, improving blood supply and forming elastic pectoral muscles. High efficiency is shown by such procedures:

- hydromassage, regular swimming;

- Laser therapy, darsonval or electrostimulation for the breast;

- complexes of special gymnastic exercises;

- mesotherapy, biorevitalization of the decollete zone;

- restorative massage;

- Cosmetic procedures, for example, peeling, applying masks, wrapping, the use of special lotions.

It is very important to start looking after the beauty of your own breasts even before problems with it arise. To do this, you should always choose comfortable linen by size, follow the posture and do not neglect physical exercises.