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Is the plasticity of the breast harmful?

Probably, every woman wants to have a beautiful breasts, because, in the opinion of most women, it is the breast that attracts interested looks to many men. But in the event that the breast is small or has an irregular shape, it can cause many complexes associated with appearance in general. In such cases, sometimes women decide on a plastic surgery in order to change the appearance of the breast, but some of them doubt whether they should do it and if the plastic does not hurt the health.

To date, such an operation is considered quite safe, but do not forget that in fact, the plastic of the breast is not just a cosmetic procedure, but a real surgical operation and therefore, basically, doctors do not make any important indications.

The main indications for breast plasty are a small, asymmetrical chest or chest that has lost its shape after breastfeeding or in case of a sharp weight loss. Also, another not unimportant indication is the absence of a natural breast, even if it is removed.

Since plastic surgery is a surgical operation, and therefore, of course, there are contraindications. Breast plastic surgery can not be done for women suffering from diabetes and diseases of internal organs. In addition, plastic is not made in the case of cancer or any infectious disease, as well as during breastfeeding and with disrupted blood clotting.

After the plasty of the breast, any complications are very rare, but the most serious complication is infection and capsular contracture, that is, consolidation of the mammary glands. Such complications can lead to the fact that the woman will have to be hospitalized and the prosthesis to be removed, after which repeated plastic surgery is not recommended. The most common complications after such an operation is a hematoma or loss of nipple sensitivity for a while, but these complications will not cause significant harm to health. With regard to breast cancer, in this case, it should not be afraid, because the implants are made of silicone - a natural material that does not provoke the development of a malignant tumor. In addition, implants do not in any way interfere with an active lifestyle.

Deciding to make the plastic of the breast, a woman should first of all remember that it is necessary to choose only those medical statements that are trustworthy. Also, the doctor should tell the woman about possible complications after surgery and contraindications to the operation. If this was not done, then it can be said that the expert acts quite unprofessionally.