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Straipsniai » All About Liposuction

Liposuction - the pros and cons

With the development of modern culture, an increasing number of women today resort to such a seemingly innocuous procedure - liposuction. However, as far as it is harmless can judge only those who fully experienced all its consequences.

To begin with, we should say that there are positive moments, and they consist in the following:

Your body will find those outlines that you have dreamed of all your life. With the help of liposuction, you can so model your body that it can become even better, something that nature has awarded you.

Fat deposits after the procedure will leave your body forever.

Some experts still argue that the procedure for liposuction is perhaps the safest of all those aimed at eliminating fatty folds.

Patients almost immediately after the operation can move.

The results come almost immediately. In a couple of weeks your body will change beyond recognition.

Weight loss lasts up to 2 years, that is, during this time you are not threatened with overeating and obesity.

Together with obesity, illnesses that, as a rule, accompany it, will disappear forever.

From the fact that a person is inspired by his new appearance, his career is growing rapidly.

You will definitely become more confident in yourself.

However, along with undoubted advantages, the procedure of liposuction has a number of disadvantages.

As a rule, only those patients who have tried all the known methods for weight loss are allowed to the liposuction procedure and all attempts were in vain. Moreover, you should have as much as 50 kg of excess weight, and this, believe me, a lot.

After the procedure, naturally, there will remain scars and bruises, which will be very difficult to hide, especially at first.

To make an operation is not a guarantee of finding a beautiful body. The results come gradually, and that the procedure should have the effect of wearing special clothes for about six months.

Stitches after liposuction do not disappear, they should be removed additionally.

After the operation, you will necessarily be overtaken by anemia.

All the post-operative delights you already immediately experience. The most common and harmless thing that can happen to you is vomiting.

You will be at risk for developing blood clots and an abdominal hernia.

Now think, maybe your body and not so ugly?

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