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Buy a bra after mammoplasty. Advantages and disadvantages of mammoplasty

One of the most popular cosmetic corrections is breast mammoplasty. Of course, many people dream of having a beautiful breast, but how necessary is this operation? Before deciding on surgery, it is necessary to consider all the advantages and disadvantages that arise after mammoplasty.

The advantages of a plastic breast surgery

1. The main advantage of such an operative intervention is that after mammoplasty it is possible to return the aesthetically attractive appearance to the female breast. Most often in this case, we are talking about the restoration of lesions of mammary glands of various kinds, for example, age, post-traumatic or postpartum.

2. Breast after mammoplasty surgery has a natural appearance, in addition, the touch is almost no different from natural - all this is achieved through the use of modern silicone implants.

3. The placement of implants under the gland tissue subsequently allows the infant to be fed without fear of problems from the operated breast.

4. Improving their appearance after mammoplasty, a woman raises her level of self-esteem, there is self-confidence, the mood improves.

Disadvantages after mammoplasty

1. Since the operation is performed under general anesthesia, there is a risk of an allergic reaction to drugs used in anesthesia or the appearance of symptoms of intoxication of the body.

2. Mammoplasty is a cavity operation, which in the postoperative period can be accompanied by various complications, for example inflammations of postoperative scars.

3. Scars form at the incision site - their shape and appearance can not be predicted in advance, since the ability to form scars at the wound site is individual for each person.

4. Very rarely, but there is intolerance to the body of breast implants - in this case there is a direct indication for their removal.

A serious shortcoming of the procedure is also a long recovery period. When you leave the anesthesia and the next few days after the operation, pain in the operated breast often occurs. A woman after an operative intervention a week is in the medical department to monitor the state of health. To maintain the shape of the breast, she must wear a special supporting underwear. For a long time, edema remains, so the result can be estimated not earlier than three months after the operation. Physical exertion is not permitted, as they can damage the implant. For the same reason, it is not recommended to visit the sauna.

Before deciding to conduct breast mammoplasty, it is worth analyzing all its positive and negative sides. If the decision is final and irrevocable, then it is necessary to find a reliable institution that provides such services - only in this case the result will be positive.