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Breast lift

There are cases when the breast loses its original shape and hangs. For example, after pregnancy and breastfeeding, the owners of a large breast complain that the bust is hanging and lost elasticity. Sometimes this situation becomes a real tragedy for a woman, she gets a bunch of complexes and can not undress on the beach or in front of her lover. In this case, surgery for a breast lift can help.

Breast lift is a surgical operation, in which the mammary gland returns to its original place. The scientific name of such an operation is mastopexy. The difference between this operation and the bust enlargement surgery is that the surgeon does not use breast implants. All work is done only with the body. The doctor excludes the lower sagging skin, not touching the breast itself. Therefore, such an operation is considered the least dangerous, in comparison, say, with an increase in the breast, when the glandular tissue of the breast is affected. Such an operation will help to correct also the strong asymmetry of the breast. The mammary glands of a woman differ in size, this is natural, because we are not dolls. But there is also such a situation, that one breast is bigger by another 2 or more sizes. This adds a lot of inconvenience, plastic will eliminate the problem.

One of the main issues of concern to women is the issue of scars. During this operation, the incision is made from below, from the areola of the nipple to the lower fold. First the scar will be bright red. But gradually it will turn pale and in half a year it will be bright. Of course, if you look closely, the scar will be visible, and the doctor will immediately notice the interference. But in ordinary life nothing will be seen, even in an open swimsuit. There are special ointments that accelerate the resorption of the scar, you can use them. But keep in mind that it is impossible to completely remove the scar, it is a surgical intervention.

Depending on the problem and the size of the breast, the surgeon will choose the location of the incision. The cut can be made around the areola. Or from the areola down. With very large breasts and considerable sagging of tissues, the incisions can be combined (vertical and horizontal). Do not worry about this, if the doctor sees that you can do with a small incision, he will certainly do so. And if your problem requires significant interventions, then the incisions will be greater.

As with any surgical intervention, a certain preparation is necessary before the lift. First you need to go to a consultation with a surgeon. The doctor will examine the chest, pick up the method of operation and show you on the computer how the bust will look. Further tests are mandatory, and if everything is in order, an operation is assigned. Its time is about two to three hours and it is conducted only under general anesthesia. After the operation, bandages will be applied, which must be changed for the first 2 days. If everything goes without any complications, then you can go home on the third day. You can go to work on the tenth day. As for the stitches, they are removed on the seventh-eighth day (if not absorbable thread). Several months after, it will be necessary to wear special compression underwear, and for the first weeks after the operation the doctor will prescribe painkillers. No physical exertion in the next two months!

Of course, such an operation has contraindications. For example, if you are planning a pregnancy, it is better to wait with a lift. The fact is that after breast-feeding the breast can lose its shape again. So the operation will be done in vain. Absolute contraindication is a tumor in the chest. No sane doctor will advise you to perform an operation in this situation. Also it is impossible to do surgery for diabetes mellitus (possibly poor healing of wounds), hypertension and oncological diseases. Refuse this venture will also have an excess weight. Normalize body weight and go!

There are times when a suspender may be postponed. If you finished breastfeeding less than a year ago, most likely, the doctor will postpone the operation. With ARVI and any venereal diseases, the operation is not carried out. Even a common runny nose can provide inflammation after the intervention. So it's better not to rush.

It is not necessary to think that the operation will prevent further sagging of the breast. Unfortunately, nobody canceled the gravity force. Usually doctors give a guarantee for five years. Then everything depends on the skin condition, lifestyle, and also the characteristics of the body. As for the price, it depends on the clinic, and on the doctor himself. In the province, an operation cheaper than forty thousand rubles is unlikely to be done. As for Moscow, then the minimum price is sixty thousand. If you decide to surgery, carefully consider the choice of a doctor. Read the forums or try to get an opinion from friends. It is best to consult a doctor on recommendations. Successful transformation of your body!

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