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Straipsniai » Krūtų padidėjimas chirurginiu būdu

Mammoplasty is the only way to effectively increase breast

Every woman reacts very painfully to changes in her breast. With the loss of the captivating beauty of the bust in the fair sex, self-esteem falls. And I want men to admire a luxurious breast! The desire to open the cupboard and throw out all the bras with foam rubber and buy blouses and dresses with an exciting decollete is growing every day!

Can I enlarge my breasts without surgery?

There are many recipes for breast augmentation, which were passed from one generation to another, and there are more than one hundred years. But are they effective?

The most ridiculous, according to many experts, the recipe is to eat bread crusts. This myth says that if there are crusts for breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout the month, the breast will increase significantly. Yes, it will increase due to the gained weight. No more.

Drinking hops 3 times a day is also a suspicious recipe, and drinking more than two liters of beer every day is absurd! Physicians are very negative about such methods. You can not only become an alcohol-dependent person, cause irreparable harm to health, but also provoke the development of cancer and mastopathy.

Further, no less popular method of breast augmentation is the eating of cabbage in huge quantities all year round! Yes, cabbage leaves contain filoic acid, but in very small quantities and to get at least some result you need to eat at least 2 heads of cabbage every day, it is unlikely that someone will go on such sacrifices, besides this is a mockery of the stomach !! Especially since cabbage in such quantity should be eaten at a young age, for women in the age this recipe does not work.

Honey with nuts, also a dubious tool, except for extra inches at the waist, no result will be. In addition, many people are allergic to honey.

Iodine, mustard castor oil - I do not even want to talk about these remedies. Low efficiency and dangerous!

Cosmetology with loud advertising and beautiful packaging attract women with promising results. And they say that "magic" creams, gels, masks and tablets will not only restore the former attractiveness of the breast, but also increase its dignity. In fact, with the help of expensive tools you can slightly increase the elasticity, give freshness to the bust, but you will not get the desired volume, alas.

Exercise can help increase bust? No, unfortunately, can not, because in the chest itself there are no muscles. You can say goodbye to extra pounds and adjust your posture, thereby emphasizing the beautiful bust line.

Still there are massagers. They resemble a bowl in which to put the chest, and then the case for the device. Yes, without a doubt, women experience pleasure from such a massage, but no more. He will not enlarge his chest.

To check whether or not the action of this or that means is decided only by you. But no experiments without consulting a doctor. Otherwise, instead of a beautiful bust, you will get a lot of unpleasant sensations, leading your own, the injured organism, in order.

Mammoplasty - dreams come true!

No matter how much we want to believe loud advertising about the "miracle" means, the most effective way is mammoplasty.

Mammoplasty occupies a leading position in the list of the most demanded plastic surgeries. Moreover, in our days the possibilities of medicine are so great that there will be no traces on the body, and you will not experience unpleasant sensations.

If you decide on this procedure, you must first sign up for a consultation with a surgeon and explain in detail to him what breast you want to receive and what you expect from the operation. Therefore, you should prepare in advance. Carefully inspect your bust, write down what does not suit you, and what result you want to see. Browse through the logs, you may be able to select a sample. The clearer you formulate the doctor's wishes, the better the result.

Before visiting a surgeon, you need to undergo a checkup with other doctors - a therapist, a gynecologist, and take tests. If contraindications are not revealed, get ready for surgery. After this, you need to select the implants. They come in different shapes, structures and prices. It is not necessary to pursue cheapness, since substandard implants can deliver a lot of unnecessary troubles. Therefore, if you want a beautiful breasts, and at the same time save your health, use implants of the latest generation. They do not interfere with pregnancy, breastfeeding, sports. And most importantly, in a couple of years you will not have to remove them, as it happens with cheap analogs. You do not need to "puzzle" over the choice. The doctor, after hearing all your wishes, will be able to choose a quality implant.

Then we'll have a conversation with an anesthesiologist. Its purpose is to choose anesthesia that will not cause health damage. And if there are questions along the way, do not be shy, ask boldly, in order to avoid misunderstanding.

The operation is simple, but thanks to the professionalism of doctors and modern equipment is also safe. After surgery, it is important to follow the doctor's recommendations. Scars in a short time pale and become invisible