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Dear visitors of the BOAME store!

In late September, we will have a new product, which many of you have been waiting for a long time.

First of all, there will be so much beloved by you elongated models of bras (with wide straps and cotton inside) of different colors - black, floral, various beige shades. Look for the model 9375, 9375A, 9375B, 9375C and 9375D with a search.

There will also be black 5621P bustier bras and 5621R beige.

Secondly, we continue to increase the size range. In models 9213H and 5126ORC, cup I appeared. Especially pay attention to the model 5126ORC - there will be sizes 125 and 130 to the cup I, besides this model is also orthopedic!

Third, of course, front buckle ! Model 9395OR is an orthopedic, soft “T-shirt” 5452N of beautiful gray color and two more bras 9213H and 9376 large sizes.

Well, there will still be a very beautiful new model of the bra after mastectomy 5927OR.

The number of pieces of each size will be limited, so have time to buy a comfortable and high-quality bra from our new party!

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