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The history of the appearance of Tilda dolls

Original and stylish tilde toys appeared thanks to the Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger - lovers of dolls, creativity and beautiful things. The brand itself was founded in 1999, and from this moment interest in these unusual products has only grown. Now they became so popular that even the amusing term "tildomania" appeared.

The history of creating fashionable tilde dolls is quite original. These products were developed by Tone Finnanger, a designer from Norway. After graduating from art school, she left her native Oslo and went to the coast, where she was recruited to a handmade souvenir shop. The girl liked the products offered there so much that she began to dream of creating similar things. At first she wanted to write books and draw cartoons for kids, but soon realized that she much more like making toys. So, among dozens of various dolls, made by experienced craftsmen, Tone invented her own unique toy - tilde.

Having seen several such dolls, you will not mistake them with other toys. Tildes are distinguished by unusual proportions, softness of forms, smoothness of lines. They are characterized by eye-beads and ruddy cheeks. In addition, many tilde dolls are complemented by complex costumes and accessories. However, their differences from other toys are not limited. According to Tone's idea, the tilde is a doll with a special "vision of beauty". Her embodiment - a girl who combines rubber boots with an evening gown, and a luxurious rose does not put in a crystal vase, but in a plain clay pot. In the nature of many such products, which is easy to guess by their faces and outfits, one can trace cheerfulness, lightheadedness, even some absent-mindedness. Tilda toys are very funny, and it is for this that many adults and children appreciate them.

Sewing several tildes, Tone put them on sale in the store where she worked. The products were very popular and, after several years, the works of Finnanger became widely known. In 1999, she wrote two books with instructions on how to sew a tilde doll, and opened her own store. Until now, under its brand, not finished products are produced, but special fabrics, blanks for accessories, wigs, threads, padding materials and other goods that will be required for those who want to perform the tilde themselves. In addition, Tone offers his clients new books and a variety of patterns. You can buy tilde toys in specialized online stores. Such products are made by hand to order. They are completely unsuitable for mass production.

Modern tildes are very different from the first toys created by Tone. Moreover, in recent years such toys have even acquired a national character: there are special Scandinavian, German, Russian dolls, each of which has its own distinctive features.