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Straipsniai » Chirurginė ir ne chirurginė moterų krūtų korekcija

History of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery first appeared in India about 2500 years ago. At that time, the captive enemies and criminals were cut off by their noses. But doctors have learned to attach punished new noses from the parts of the skin transferred from the forehead. The nostrils and part of the respiratory apparatus were made from wooden tubules.

As the development of plastic surgery has undergone a large number of unsuccessful experiments. So, at the dawn of surgery, doctors injected wax, goose fat, or petroleum jelly under the skin of patients. The wax, as we imagine today, softened in the sun, and the patients were horrified to discover that their new expensive noses literally melt in the heat.

The achievements of modern plastic surgery were first appreciated by soldiers who were mutilated in battles by shell fragments during the First World War (1914-1918). Only later access to such operations was received by "vain beauties".

Surgeons took advantage of the millennial knowledge of predecessors, as well as the experience gained in the treatment of wounded soldiers, to introduce aesthetic operations to straighten the curves of noses and eliminate wrinkles surgically. The first breast reduction surgery began in the 1920s, and breast augmentation operations became common practice only in the 1960s.

At present, aesthetic surgery has turned into a profitable business - now everyone wants to look young and beautiful as long as possible. However, the surgeon should be selected carefully, because an unsuccessful experiment on appearance may require numerous restoration operations. For some, plastic surgery is really vital. But many others in order to look good, enough to monitor their health, exercise, watch food and less often sunbathe.

Surgical art today is truly amazing. Surgeons can completely change the face, for example, turning a man into a woman. So, scandalously famous British singer P. Burns radically transformed his appearance. An important place is occupied by liposuction - a surgical operation, during which a vacuum device sucks fat from under the skin. At one time, it is possible to suck up to 5 kg of fat, but it is important to remember that liposuction is not a means of combating excess weight, but a method of correcting the contours of the body. Hence unwanted side effects: the appearance of stretch marks on the face and the risk of infection. Unfortunately, fat can reappear, resulting in a new operation.