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Straipsniai » Chirurginė ir ne chirurginė moterų krūtų korekcija

Breast reduction surgery

The most popular form of plastic surgery is breast augmentation. But there are operations to reduce breast, which are also quite in demand. This operation may be necessary not only for women, but for some men. Reduce a woman's breast, if they by nature she was large, after giving birth and breastfeeding. After the birth of children, breast-feeding, the chest may hang, and look very ugly. In this case, the only option for correcting this situation is to reduce and tighten the breast. Also, this operation may be necessary for those who are once enlarged with the help of implants. Due to the severity of the implants over time, with age, the chest may hang. And in this case, the breast is reduced by extracting implants. They can leave their size, or insert more smaller implants by pulling up their breasts.

For men this service may be required if they have such problems. Usually it's people suffering from obesity. They feel insecure, clothes do not hide this shortcoming. The only solution to the problem is plastic surgery. But this problem can not be solved simply. If you do not start treatment, do not normalize the hormonal background, breast reduction for men will not help, because it will even increase after the operation.

The cost of this operation varies from 90 to 200 thousand rubles. The operation is performed in many clinics of plastic surgery throughout the country. Since plastic surgery is a serious intervention, it is necessary to take the clinic very seriously. It is necessary to check the reputation of the medical institution itself, as well as the doctor. This can be done via the Internet. In case they had dissatisfied customers, they certainly left negative feedback. If everything is in order, the doctors are good, most patients will leave only positive feedback. Only read them need not on the official website of the medical center, but on third-party resources that are not interested.

After the operation, it is necessary to wear a special bandage that will tighten the chest, promote faster healing of the joints. The recovery process takes several months. Only after six months or a year, the patient is recovered completely after the operation. Before that, he should be observed regularly, with a doctor who will control everything. Neglect visits doctor should not, because you can miss something serious.