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Articles » Diseases of the breast, treatment and symptoms

Prevention of breast cancer

Cancer is probably the most terrible disease. Often it can not be cured, and from this a person dies. Breast cancer in women is especially common.

The reasons for the appearance of cancer can be many. However, the most famous reason for the appearance of cancer is the increase in hormones.

But in order not to face such a disease, it is possible to engage in prevention. For this, it is worth to abandon the products that contribute to the increase of hormones. First of all, it's sugar. It is also worth noting the adoption of birth control pills, because they are produced with the use of hormones.

As statistics show, physical activity can also prevent cancer. To do this, it will be enough to work on a daily load of about three hours, and this will reduce the appearance of cancer by 45 percent.

And the most important thing for cancer prevention is proper nutrition. For this, a person needs to consume a lot of products, which contain fiber, and contain less fat. Therefore, do not get involved in dairy products and meat.

It is also necessary to undergo a medical examination several times a year. In addition, you can examine your chest yourself. To do this, you need to carefully examine the chest, and if you find a suspicious lump, then immediately consult a doctor.